Line chart showing optimal timing for cost savings and ability to impact design early in the timeline.
Resource & Effort Optimization. Click to enlarge.

Sustainable designed and built environments take into account myriad choices to reduce impact to the site, minimize the use of non-renewable resources, optimize water quality and quantity, optimize the indoor environment, and also provide for flexible and adaptable spaces that can stand the test of time, generally at no or minimal cost increase. Traditional design processes are generally incapable of delivering this multitude of goals, whereas the integrated design process has a history of excelling at exactly this.


The chart here shows how you can shift the cost effectiveness of making decisions by making them earlier in the process. Often, this isn’t a linear process but an iterative collaborative effort that takes a bit more time and effort up front, but provides reduced cost, added value and synergies. This integrated process requires a team approach, where professionals (architect, builder, designer, engineers, window & HVAC providers, energy consultants, etc.) come together to work collaboratively to meet your goals.

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Line chart showing how changes on the timeline impact on costs. The later the change, the higher the costs.
Potential For Changes Optimization. Click to enlarge.